We were encouraged by the enthusiasm and fun people had identifying themselves through two animals. We are both truly inspired by all animals and believe that humans are just another kind of animal.  

The question ‘which two animals best describe you?’ started as a bit of fun by Kate McNab, Co-Founder, in 2012 at a dinner party. Some of our friends were able to answer the question immediately and others needed some time. That evening was the night when our blended names Melephunky (Elephant/Monkey) and Fanther (Falcon/ Panther) were created! 

Fuelled by curiosity, in other social situations we continued to ask this simple question and were surprised by the diversity of responses and the enthusiasm to respond. It was also interesting that similar to how the same profession often runs through families, so too did the same animals.

Once the animals were chosen Lisa Bella, Co-Founder, then provided a quick personality analysis based on the behaviour and character of the animal to see if it related.

The smiles and looks of surprise said it all. There was a self recognition and reflection through the two animals that was insightful, easy to understand, helpful and sparked the imagination.

We found that as long as people were honest about which two animals best described themselves, they could relate to the analysis. It also became obvious that you are the best equipped to identify your own two animals.

The question ‘which two animals best describe you?’ connects people back to nature through the majestic and distinctive traits of animals. It is a positive way to connect with others and mother earth. It also acknowledges that we observe parts of ourselves in animals and vice versa.

Animalyser offers a positive message that provides self expression and awareness by connecting to nature. Inspired by the wisdom of many indigenous cultures which practice a close and respectful human-animal connection and the natural curiosity to discover more about yourself and others, we created Animalyser!

Have you Animalysed yourself yet? 
The logo design for Animalyser was created by the gifted and talented artist and branding expert, Yiying Lu. It quickly and simply articulates and unites the diverse animal kingdom in an engaging and joyful way. It covers the sea with the playful and romantic seal, the land with the cunning and cheeky fox and the air with the colourful and chatty Toucan.

Kate McNab - Co- Founder

The two animals that best describe Kate - Elephant and Monkey

Animalyser name - Melephunky

The infectious, high voltage energy of Kate’s inner cheeky monkey means that she loves to have fun and entertain. She is passionate about the joy, connectivity and positive interaction Animalyser sparks within everyone she interacts with.

The elephant in her is… loyal, kind, intuitive and compassionate, with emotional intelligence.

The monkey in her is… playful, fearless, unpredictable and quick thinking as well as often being the loudest person in the room!

Lisa Bella Esposito - Co- Founder

The two animals that best describe Lisa Bella - Falcon and Panther

Animalyser name - Fanther

Lisa Bella’s inner falcon provides an incarnation to soar to the spirit world. She is passionate about helping others to speak up and express themselves as well as encouraging more fun and igniting happiness as well as imagination.

The falcon in her is… visionary with a big picture view of life and swiftly finds her way around obstacles.

The Panther in her is… is courageous and fearlessly living life and following her dreams.
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