Key Characteristics

The dog in you is a fiercely loyal, selfless and honest individual with a pure spirit and a huge capacity to love. You have a deep understanding and compassion for human shortcomings, freely providing unconditional acceptance and support to others. You are keen to help serve humanity or the community, but rarely ask for your services to be praised or acknowledged.

Your loving gentleness, intelligence and sensitivity make you a sincere and trusted friend. You crave companionship, as you are a highly social individual that gravitates towards groups of people. Whether at work or at home, you are at your very best when you are part of a team. At work you prefer not to take on a leadership role, but be managed by a strong role model or mentor.

Your inner dog is highly resilient and it takes a lot to break your spirit, even if you have been badly let down or abused. Your kind personality is combined with the unique ability to forgive and forget, which enables you to enjoy living in the present, without resentment.

The dog in you is reliable and trustworthy, with an energetic and playful spirit. In relationships you are honest and faithful, with the tendency to consider the needs of your partner over your own. You are protective of those that you care about and readily support and show affection towards them. Your strong moral and social values, along with your good intentions, ensure your decisions and judgements are well respected.

Key Challenges

Your inner dog can become anxious if you spend too much time alone and can sometimes be overwhelmed by negative energies due to your sensitive nature. Try to surround yourself with people that respect and adore you, as this will help you to remain balanced and happy.

Be mindful that some people may try to take advantage of your kind-hearted, good nature. Therefore, ensure you set boundaries with people and do not be afraid to say no. Remember to be loving and truthful to yourself, as ultimately you are your own best friend and deserve to receive the same respect you give to others.

The dog in you can sometimes bite off more than it can chew! Take the time to think and consider the other commitments that you have made and prioritise them before you promise to achieve any deadlines.



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