Key Characteristics

The eagle in you is fiercely independent, courageous and driven. You have a strong purpose in life, with an entrepreneurial spirit and sharp instincts. You are an intelligent, persuasive individual, with excellent communication skills and are highly respected by your peers.

You are skilled at conserving your energy wisely, knowing how to work smarter not harder, by streamlining tasks and using your resources efficiently in order to attain your goals.

Your inner eagle is an influential person of power and authority, however your power is combined with an innate wisdom and you readily share your knowledge and insights with those around you.

You have a confident and fearless nature, with a love of experiencing extremes often taking you to breathtaking heights. You are unafraid to step out of your comfort zone to try a new way of thinking or operating if the old way does not appear to be working.

The patient, considered eagle in you is a focussed visionary, with a big picture view of life. Your strategic nature has the unique ability to identify opportunities quickly and clearly. Your inner eagle knows that in order to succeed in life, you must take leaps of faith and trust your capabilities.

Key Challenges

Try to pay attention to what you say, ensuring you are delivering a wise and responsible message with your influential voice, before you impart information. Reckless verbal expression can be hurtful, and you can upset people with your words and the tone of your speech. Be mindful not to step over others in order to achieve your goals.

Though your inner eagle prefers to operate at a big picture level, make sure you descend occasionally and come back down to earth. Looking at the detailed, mundane operations below will allow you to integrate your bigger visions more effectively.

You tend to travel through life without becoming attached to anyone or anything. This means you can be distant and disconnected in relationships with others, reluctant to truly give of yourself and make yourself vulnerable. Be aware that this way of being can potentially lead to a lonely life long-term.



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