Key Characteristics

The powerful lion in you is genuinely confident and proud of who you are and what you stand for. Though you may speak little, when you do it is with authority and conviction and people pay attention. Your natural instinct is your greatest gift and you can often perceive or envision what others cannot.

You demonstrate a calm temperament and inner confidence that makes you a natural leader, commanding respect and attention from others. Your determination, endless strength and energy allow you to drive yourself and others to greater heights. Your courage and perseverance has the ability to show people how capable they are of achieving their goals. You treat others with dignity and respect, which enables you to manage highly effective, smooth functioning teams.

Your inner lion is loyal to those around you, especially with your family and close friends. It is from them that you draw much of your strength and stability. You have a strong sense of personal truth and honour and do not hesitate to defend it. Should you be called upon to do so, you passionately protect those close to you.

You are an ambitious individual who is driven by success, yet are often concerned about how others will judge or regard your actions. Your decisions are often dictated by what you think you may get in return, especially if the reward is that of a monetary value.

The lion in you enjoys spending time alone, occasionally taking power naps to recharge. You prefer to live in the ultimate state of calm alertness, deeply aware of what is around you, but completely relaxed until you are called upon to act.

Key Challenges

Being heard, recognised and understood on a deep personal level can be a challenge for the lion in you, as your warrior persona can put up barriers, which makes it difficult to let others in.

Be mindful to keep the ego of your inner lion in check, as your drive for success can sometimes exhaust, overwhelm and demotivate others. Take the time to consider and acknowledge how you are honestly viewed within your community.

Genuinely helping others from the heart and not because of what you think you might get in return can be a challenge for the lion in you. Focus on your integrity, as it will ensure your continued success in the long-term.



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